Buffaloes Get Pins and Needles - Bramley Buffaloes

Bramley Buffaloes continue with their highlights clips on YouTube, this time featuring the recent game against Carlisle Centurions. The track featured on the clip is by The Cartelles, from Cardiff.

The Cartelles formed in the last few months of 2006, throughout 2007 the band quickly picked their feet up receiving radio play from over 35 local UK stations (including Red Dragon FM, XFM and BBC Radio Wales) and playing venues all over the UK.

Throughout the year the band continued their success by playing alongside bands such as The Automatic, Kate Nash, The Streets, Underground Heros and Viva Machine. They also won the XFM Unsigned competition and we’re chosen from 1000’s of artists by the Brylcreem team to appear among 9 others on the Brylcreem Effortless EP. They’re highest point of the year though was having the opportunity to open the main stage at the Metro Weekender festival in Cardiff.

After the departure of their lead guitarist THE CARTELLES made a comeback in 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and an even more positive attitude.

This year is already looking good for the band, they are currently putting the finishing touches to their new EP with new songs that are obviously going down well at their live shows as they were put through to the Live and Unsigned South West Final in Bristol and have been talking with local label See Monkey Do Monkey Recordings.

Club captain, Danny O’Connor said, “This is a fantastic song, we were really impressed when we heard it for the first time.”

“We are having a good season again and this give us that bit of exposure we wouldn’t normally get,” continued Danny.

You can see the highlight clip on the home page of the website and for more from the Buffaloes on YouTube on our YouTube Channel

The Cartelles can be found on MySpace, by clicking here