Club Update - Bramley Buffaloes

Last Night (6th October) the club held its Annual General Meeting for the year ending 31st December 2013.

There were apologies from Cliff Spracklen, Lee Spracklen, Anne Hollin and J P Gerrin.

The result of the election were announced. Rob McAlister was elected to the Fund Raising seat with a vote count of 60 to 11. The other seats were uncontested and the people in position are –

General Seats – Martyn Cheney, Lynda Cheney, Cliff Spracklen, Steve Crossley, Andrew Curtin and Steve Rae

Coaches Seat – Chris Harrison

Junior Seat – Tracy Bowes

The initial Committee meeting will take place within 14 days of last nights meeting and a timetable of meetings for the next year will be agreed

If you have any issues that you would like raise, please see one of the people listed above or email and your questions will be raised at the next committee meeting.

We would like to thank those people who have served on the committee for their time and efforts in the past, they are, Mick Wormald, Helen Makin, Ash Lucas, Lee Spracklen, Julie Creasy, Tony Rowley, Becky Creasy, Lou Brumfield, Tony Grieg, Jayne Broadband, Shaun Cain and Dom Squires.

The accounts for the financial year were passed as per the clubs constitution and have been submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority.