Mental Health Awareness Week: Exploring Grief & Stigma - Bramley Buffaloes

On Thursday the 13th May we will be co-host an event, with Councillor Sharon Burke, principal of The James Burke Foundation, one of the clubs charity partners.  The Event is on-line, completely free and starts at 7pm

The event is part of Mental Health Awareness week.

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The worlds of rugby league and politics come together to explore grief and stigma.

We will be kicking off the evening with a warm welcome from Sharon Burke on why this event was put together for mental health awareness week.

Then we will have a few words from Hilary Benn MP for Leeds Central. Following on from them will be a panel chaired by Rachel Reeves MP for Leeds West with Shadow Minister for Mental Health Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Cllr Sharon Burke and Cllr Salma Arif, Leeds City Council’s executive member for public health.

At the very end there’ll be an interview from Martyn Sadler, Managing Editor of Rugby League Express with along with Julia Lee, chair of International Rugby League Women and Girls Advisory Group plus Bramley Rugby League Historian and Mental Health First Aider Paul Abraham to talk about how the club partnered with The James Burke Foundation plus much more.

The foundation was founded by Sharon Burke to encourage a joint approach to mental health education, raise awareness and promote suicide prevention. Many of us have faced grief after losing someone which has a profound impact on our mental health in many different ways and the stigma to talk about this has become more prominent throughout the course of this pandemic. Grief can also be caused by Divorce or relationship breakup, Loss of health and Loss of financial stability amongst other factors.

We wanted to host this event at Bramley Rugby League Club in person but due to social distancing we’ve rearranged for it to be online.