RLCN Team of the Month - July 2009 - Bramley Buffaloes

The new edition of ‘Rugby League World’ Magazine, which is out 7th August contains the latest Co-operative Rugby League National Team of the Month.

With three regular season rounds to go, the top six are all but assured but finishing positions for the play offs are still very much up for grabs. League leaders Bramley Buffaloes have three players in the selection as do newcomers this season Nottingham Outlaws and in-form Huddersfield Underbank Rangers.


1) Shaun Flynn (Bramley Buffaloes)
2) Nick Fontaine (Bramley Buffaloes)
3) Danny Huby (Featherstone Lions)
4) Chris Johnson (Huddersfield Underbank Rangers)
5) Keiran Dixon (Hemel Stags)
6) Billy Sheen (Warrington Wizards)
7) Martin Gambles (Liverpool Buccaneers)
8 ) Adam Millward (Nottingham Outlaws)
9) Neil Barrett (Huddersfield Underbank Rangers)
10) Ben Coombes (East Lancashire Lions)
11) Danny Samuels (Desbury Celtic)
12) Darren Forshaw (Warrington Wizards)
13) Simon Morton (Nottingham Outlaws)

14) Pat Foulstone (Dewsbury Celtic)
15) Jon Nicholls (Bramley Buffaloes)
16) George Strachan (Nottingham Outlaws)
17) Napoleoni Vinaka (Huddersfield Underbank Rangers)