Save Money and Help the Club - Bramley Buffaloes

Being a member of a supporters’ trust is about more than just loving sport. It’s about being involved, having your say, listening to others and working together as a community to secure a sustainable future for your favourite team. In short, it’s about fair play.

You may not think sport has much in common with your gas and electricity bills, but at Co-operative Energy, we’re motivated by the same values as the trusts you work so hard to support.

Sport is steeped in history, full of winners, pioneers and athletes who went the extra mile for their teammates. In a similar way, the Co-operative movement has been holding the torch for communities, ethical trading and honesty since the Rochdale Pioneers opened the doors of their first shop in 1844.

A real alternative

In 2011, almost 200 years later, Co-operative Energy – part of the Midcounties Co-operative – was founded on the same principles. We wanted to

offers consumers an alternative to the Big 6 energy suppliers – a different choice based on fair prices, transparency, renewable energy sources and a commitment to customer service and Co-operative members.

Three years on, we’ve gained plenty of supporters and 200,000 customers. And, although we’ve grown fast, we’ve kept our promises to them, offering consistently fair prices and a strong set of values.

When some energy suppliers were hiking their prices by as much as 11%, we decided to absorb rising energy industry transport and distribution costs and raise ours by a modest 2.5% on average. Our range of fixed price tariffs is designed to offer flexibility, value for money and complete peace of mind – without any early exit fees.

A rallying cry for renewables

We’ve sourced our energy responsibly (the carbon content of our electricity in 2013 was less than half the national average), hosted the UK’s first Community Energy Conference and worked with renewable energy

communities across the UK. In fact, you could say we’re team players.

Our goal for the future?

To grow without losing sight of what makes us unique, to continually offer our customers a fair energy deal and to put the ball back in the energy consumer’s court is our goal.

We’re very proud to be working with Supporters Direct, because your hard work, true dedication and team spirit are exactly what the international Co-operative movement is all about. You’ll support your team for life.

And, as your energy supplier, we’ll be here for you for life.

For every person that signs up, we receive £25 from co-op energy.  You need to make sure you select Bramley Buffaloes as your nominated club.

If you want to sign up or find out more, please click here.