Supporters Direct Spring Meeting - Bramley Buffaloes

Our friends at Supporters Direct are having a Spring Networking Meeting on the 22nd April,  which is open to all RL fans, not just to SD members.

We announce d recently that we have entered into a Partnership arrangement with the RFL to engage fans with the game and to spread the word and we’d like this event to be attended by RL fans of as many RL clubs at all levels of the game as possible.

This is a free event with refreshments and a wonderful opportunity to get your question directly across to the RFL, no need to write a letter to the Weekly press, you can speak to them in person and they want to hear from you.

You can network with other RL fans, hear from a Dementia Champion on how you can make a difference to supporters of your club, be informed of upcoming events and find out more about the amazing Hunslet Hawks story.

So please come to Leeds for 7.00 refreshments, the meeting starts at 7.30 p.m. and will close at 9.30 p.m.  Directions to the South Leeds stadium are here;

To book your place at the event, click on the link