Buffaloes on the charge! Ambitions for the new 2012 season and beyond

The ambitious Bramley Buffaloes Rugby League Club is looking for equally ambitious players to join the Buffaloes 2012 stampede.

The Co-operative Championships structure is changing, with the prospects of a genuine pyramid system opening up over the next few seasons, as more of the game moves to summer, including eventual promotion and relegation between the various tiers. Indeed, Bramley Buffaloes have already been in discussion with the Rugby Football League, regarding a return to the pro-ranks, the criteria and time scales involved etc., underlining our desire to return there during the next 3 years.

In the meantime, the new 2012 season promises to be gripping, with the Buffaloes operating in the Co-operative Rugby League Conference National as part of the new Tier 3 set-up. As well as the RLC National Championship the Buffaloes expect also to be taking part in an exciting new Cup competition involving Tier 3 clubs starting in April.
The new season promises to be a pulsating one, with the Buffaloes determined to make up for last season’s disappointments, and return to the situation which saw the club take the Minor Premiers title for 5 successive seasons, as well as reaching several Grand Finals.

We hope you will want to come on board with a club that is ambitious, has the most vocal and committed supporters at this level, and even above, and which can guarantee some cracking days in the sun, with another title challenge. A good social side involving players and fans is envisaged.

Training takes place at the excellent Stanningley facilities, under the direction of Bramley legend, Head Coach Chris Gardner. The club will be appointing shortly an Assistant to Chris, specialising in physical preparation and conditioning, and players will again have the benefits of qualified Physios in attendance at training, as well as on match days. Training starts in the last week of November. If you want to join the Buffaloes stampede give Chris a ring on 07890 515081, or turn up at Stanningley clubhouse on Monday 28th November for 7pm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to welcoming you into the Buffaloes fold for the 2012 charge back to the top.

Chris Gardner, Head Coach, Bramley Buffaloes