International Year of Cooperatives - Bramley Buffaloes

Today marks the launch of the United Nation’s International Year of Cooperatives.

As a supporter-owned rugby club, we welcome the opportunity to highlight the crucial role of fan ownership in ensuring the health of the game and sustainable clubs.

We are committed to democratic ownership of clubs on a one member one vote basis, maintaining affordability, use of all possible means to involve and inform fans and putting people before profit. We will strengthen our efforts to make football work for the benefit of our communities, and engage men and women of all ages, creeds and ethnicities.

In this year we will strive to further come together with other co-operatively run clubs around the world to strengthen the voice of supporters and to assist those fans seeking to take ownership of their own clubs. We will highlight how fan-owned clubs can both empower supporters and be used for the benefit of our communities, particularly by engaging young people and using rugby to assist their development.

We remain full square behind the supporters’ movement aimed at changing football for the better and are resolute in our belief that supporter owned clubs are the only sustainable method by which to achieve such change.

Finally, we send our greetings to those supporters and clubs across the globe that are seeking to effect such change.