Kieran Hudson - Players Comments - Bramley Buffaloes

It was a game of two halves; in the first half of the game, we started strong & defended really well. However, our ball skill and ball structure were poor. As we have already discussed, this comes from a lack of numbers training and not having a consistent team week in and week out. We have got to give credit to the players that turn up and put a shirt on, especially the young lads that have stepped up to play.
As the first half ended, we let our discipline go slightly, leading to stupid mistakes and having to defend too much.

At half time, 6-0 down, the game was still to play for. We had two injuries in the first half and a player in the sin bin; I still thought we were more than capable of getting something out of the game, but that was not to be; with 3 early tries in the second half, the lack of training started to show, and the buzz around the squad had gone. To add to the pain came more injuries.

Hopefully, we can rebuild as a squad and get numbers training and rebuild, as our season is not over yet. We have the playoffs to play for and hopefully get a shot at promotion.

I have been at the club for many years now, and the talent is massive. We need to stick together, get down to training and work for each other.

There are trophies to be won, no doubt about that, and most of all, we can show everyone out there we are a tough, hard-playing rugby team, not just a bunch of idiots.

Thank you to the coaches and all those involved in making Bramley Buffaloes the great team it is.