YML Shield

27/05/2023, 14:30

Bramley Buffaloes



Match Report

Buffaloes inflicted a heavy defeat on Upton 

Andy & Devon Johnson

It was an eventful week leading up to the highly anticipated Cup quarter-final clash against Upton. Maybe there’s something in the water over in West Leeds as the number of re-signings for the club continued to soar throughout the week. 

The legendary Craig Boot kicked off the string of signings, quickly followed by crowd favourites Louis Morrison and his brother Tony. 

The excitement continued with the additions of two more beloved players, Kieran Hudson and Martin Loveridge;- apologies if I’ve missed anyone else; it was a frantic series of registrations!! As the spectators basked in the glorious weather, you couldn’t help but empathise with the players facing a gruelling 80 minutes in the scorching 25-degree heat.

With the Buffaloes fielding two sides (be sure to check out Martyn’s report in the program), there were several changes to last week’s victorious squad. However, the line-up that took to the field was undeniably formidable. The first half unfolded with the Buffaloes relentlessly pressuring Upton, forcing them to defend their try line for the majority of the half. Only a few missed opportunities, including a couple of dropped balls, a forward pass, and three held-up attempts over the line, prevented the Buffaloes from opening the scoring earlier than the 19th minute.

Finally, centre Daniel Booth, who had previously had a try disallowed for a forward pass, showcased his strength as he powered through for his first try of the afternoon. Unfortunately, his conversion attempt narrowly missed the mark. The score now stood at Buffaloes 4 – 0.

In a swift follow-up two minutes later, the Buffaloes launched a scintillating attack right from the kick-off. Martin Loveridge’s crafty dummy pass created confusion for Upton throughout the match, and it was his strategic play that paved the way for the ball to be skilfully swept across the field, with support from both left and right. Kieran Foster-Matthews seized the opportunity and dove in for an excellent try on the left side, near the flag. Daniel Booth confidently slotted over the conversion. The scoreboard now displayed a commanding Buffaloes lead of 10 – 0.

The Buffaloes pack continued to stifle Upton’s attempts to advance upfield. In the 31st minute, the ball found its way to the ever-reliable Louise Morrison, who found himself 20 meters away from the try line. He embarked on a breathtaking, determined run, shrugging off the attempts of four would-be tacklers, before triumphantly grounding the ball beneath the uprights for a “trademark” try. Daniel Booth stepped up and effortlessly added the extra points. The score now stood at Buffaloes 16 – 0.

As the clock ticked toward half-time, Kieran Foster-Matthews once again showcased his support from the fullback role, dashing in for his second try of the day, this time from a wide position on the left. Daniel Booth’s conversion attempt fell short, leaving the score at Buffaloes 20 – 0. 

With just a solitary minute remaining in the half, a display of fabulous inter-passing across the field set the stage for Louise Morrison to secure his second try, replicating his earlier effort. Dan Booth confidently slotted home the conversion, extending the Buffaloes’ lead to an impressive 26 – 0 as the half-time whistle blew.

Half-time Buffaloes 26 – 0 Upton

The second half unfolded much like the first, with Upton trapped in their own half, struggling to make any significant progress against the tireless Buffaloes defence, despite the baking heat. 

In the 43rd minute, Dan Booth exhibited his strength as he powered through to finish off a move that originated from the halfway line, successfully scoring in the right-hand corner. Unfortunately, the conversion attempt narrowly missed its mark. The score now stood at Buffaloes 30 – 0.

Without giving Upton a moment to catch their breath, Dan Booth found himself with the ball in the 50th minute, positioned 30 meters away from the Upton try line. With a burst of energy, Dan surged through Upton’s defensive line, embarking on a clear run towards the posts. Credit must be given to the Upton fullback, who managed to reach Dan just as he was about to cross the line. However, driven by determination, Dan defiantly grounded the ball for his hat-trick try. Unfortunately, he hyperextended his arm in the process and we hope he is okay. Stepping up to the plate, Martin Loveridge confidently converted the try. The scoreboard now read Buffaloes 36 – 0

The Buffaloes continued to dominate, and in the 55th minute, they notched up try number eight. This time, it came from short range as the ever-present Jack Boot launched himself over the line from a play of the ball just three meters out. Martin Loveridge calmly slotted over the conversion, extending the Buffaloes’ lead to an impressive 42 – 0.

With the Buffaloes firmly in control and the Upton team demoralised, the referee made the sensible decision to bring the suffering to an end in the 65th minute, responding to Upton’s request to conclude the match. 

Overall, it was a fantastic team performance, with standout displays from returnees Louise Morrison, who scored two tries, and Martin Loveridge, who added three successful conversions to his excellent probing kicks that consistently put Upton under pressure. However, Daniel Booth earned the well-deserved Man of the Match title. His constant aggressive carries, supported by his hat-trick of tries and three conversions, made him a constant thorn in Upton’s side.

The draw for the Semi-Finals has since taken place, and the Buffaloes now know they will face Keighley Albion Academy at home on the 24th of June. 

We hope to see new and old supporters and have a spirited and vocal crowd supporting the lads. 

Buffaloes: 1) Kieran Foster-Matthews, 2) Jonathan Filin, 3) Sam Neave, 4) Daniel Booth, 5) Samuel Marshall, 6) Martin Loveridge, 7) Aidan Baranyi, 8) Jacob Oldroyd, 9) Bradley Wilson, 10) Cameron McLachlan, 11) Thomas Langton, 12) Michael Wright, 13) Lochlan McGill, Subs (All Used); 14) Jack Boot, 15) Lewis Bromley, 16) Charlie McMurray, 17) Louis Morrison

Tries: Foster-Matthews (21, 38), Booth (19,43,50), Boot (55), Morrison (31, 40).

Goals: Booth x 3, Loveridge x 2

Upton: 1) Tyler Lloyd, 2) Callum Poole, 3) Kyle Nix, 4) Charlie Bishop, 5) Mackenzie Brice, 6) Steven Beal, 7) Kendall Howcroft, 8) Bailey Ward, 9) Aaron Lloyd, 10) Ben Sherrard, 11) Joe Jackson, 12) Logan Mcarthur, 13) Zak Cook, Subs (all used); 15) Jay Swain, 16) Callum Arnold, 17) Adam Cooke



Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
1 2
4 3 3
6 2


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
14 1
15 2