19/04/2024, 19:00

Ossett Trinity Tigers


Bramley Buffaloes

Match Report

Buffaloes A team always in control in the Friday evening friendly at Ossett Trinity

Andy & Devon Johnson

The Buffaloes coaching staff were determined to maintain the strong momentum of the previous weekend’s season opener as they organised a friendly fixture against local rivals Ossett.

The match was slow to gain any momentum. It was characterised by a flurry of knock-ons from both teams, punctuated by the referee’s whistle as he diligently enforced the new rules of the season.

While we support the crackdown on high tackles, one might question whether penalising minor infractions like tugging on an opponent’s collar truly enhances the essence of rugby league. I’ll leave that one with you…

As the game gradually found its rhythm, the nimble Buffaloes seized the initiative on the scoreboard. Thirty minutes in, Cameron O’Connor, following in the footsteps of his Bramley legend father Danny O’Connor, showcased his speed by scoring a spectacular try out wide, duly converted by Kasper Mroz, putting the Buffaloes ahead 6 – 0.

Two more tries followed before halftime, continuing the scoring spree. In the 35th minute, Buffaloes’ Kylie Briggs, summoning the flair of yesteryears, deceived the defence with a cunning dummy to cross the try line. Although Kasper missed the subsequent conversion, the Buffaloes extended their lead to 10 – 0.

Five minutes later, Keiran McFarlane showcased his speed and agility, darting through from 30 meters out to score a superb try, with Kasper slotting in the extras once again. With a commanding lead of 16 – 0, the Buffaloes seemed to be in control.
However, the home side managed to claw back a tight scoreline, aided by the Buffaloes’ mishap of failing to gather the kick-off and subsequently committing a drop-out infringement, allowing Ossett to capitalise. As the halftime whistle blew, the Buffaloes held a still respectable lead of 16 – 6.

Halftime score: Buffaloes 16 – 6 Ossett.

The second half commenced positively for the Buffaloes as Cam McGill bulldozed his way over the try line, with Jenkins adding the extras to extend the lead to 22 – 6.

However, the home side then profited from the referee looking away and chatting to the player to his left. They missed a crucial steal by Ossett in a three-man tackle, allowing them to score directly from the ensuing scrum, narrowing the margin to 22 – 12.

Almost immediately after the restart, the Buffaloes struck again in the 55th minute, with James Clark touching down for a well-earned try, converted once more by Jenkins, pushing the scoreline to 28 – 12.

In the 60th minute, Kylie Briggs’s mercurial skills made it seem as if time stood still as he swept in for his second try of the night. Jenkins added the extra points, boosting the Buffaloes’ lead to 34 – 12.

Ossett breached the Buffaloes’ defence for their third try as a rare gap emerged, reducing the deficit to 34 – 18.

The Buffaloes responded swiftly. Keiran McFarlane replicated his earlier feat, showing Ossett a clean pair of heels in the 70th minute. Jenkins once again converted, securing a comfortable lead of 40 – 18.

As daylight waned and the wind chill intensified, Ossett fought back with a close-range try, bringing the score to 40 – 24.

The final whistle blew, confirming the Buffaloes’ victory with a final score of 40 – 24 over Ossett. It was a valuable outing for the Buffaloes’ second string, ensuring they remain match-fit and prepared for the upcoming cup quarter-final in two weeks.

Standout performances came from Keiran McFarlane and the ever-improving Ben Blanchard, both of whom put in strong performances in attack and defence. Concerns linger over injuries to Buffaloes players Mike Emmett, Cam McGill, and Lewis Johnson, with hopes that they don’t prove to be too serious and that we will see them back on the field soon.

Full-time score: Buffaloes 40 – 24 Ossett

Buffaloes: 1) Liam Barnsley, 2) Ben Blanchard, 3) Ben Gaunt, 4) Cameron O’Connor, 6) Lewis Johnson, 7) Kylie Briggs, 8) Elliott Carter, 9) Tom Jenkins, 10) Sam Walding, 11) Caine Glancy, 12) Mike Emmett, 13) Kasper Mroz, Subs (All Used); 14) James Clark, 15) Cameron McGill, 16) Keiran McFarlane, 18) Lewis Gaunt.

Tries: O’Connor (30), Briggs (35 & 60), McFarlane (40 & 70), McGill (45), Clark (55)
Goals: Mroz (30 & 40), Jenkins (45, 55, 60 & 70)


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
4 1
6 2
8 4
12 2


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
13 2
15 1
16 1