Division 4A

05/08/2023, 14:30

Westgate Common ‘A’ Team


Bramley Buffaloes

Match Report

Buffaloes secure a big win at Westgate to get ever closer to a league title.

Andy & Devon Johnson

There was barely time for the dust to settle after this week’s marathon disciplinary proceedings when the away fixture with Westgate came up. With five key players serving suspensions, the question lingered: could the Buffaloes muster the necessary strength from their squad to secure victory on Westgate’s turf?

The resounding answer was an emphatic yes. The commendable resolve of the Buffaloes’ players and coaching staff shone through as they effortlessly carried on their impressive season in search of the league title.
Right from the outset, the Buffaloes demonstrated their determination, engaging in a flurry of robust runs and aggressive tackles that immediately put Westgate on the defensive.

Within the opening 8 minutes, the chinks in Westgate’s defensive armour became glaringly apparent. Dan Booth embarked on a series of powerful advances, culminating in a perfectly timed pass to Bailey Harmon, who elegantly evaded the grasp of three defenders to notch the first try. Martin Loveridge’s successful conversion put the score at Buffaloes 6 – 0.

The twelfth minute marked the Buffaloes’ second try, once again orchestrated by the influential Dan Booth. His adept manipulation of Westgate’s defensive line allowed him to carve a path, utilising Jamie Donnelly as a decoy before cutting inside to score near the flag. Though the ensuing conversion attempt missed its mark, the Buffaloes extended their lead to 10 – 0.

A mere five minutes later, the dynamic Dan Booth was again at the centre of the action. Bursting forward from 30 meters out, he left the despairing Westgate tacklers in his wake, securing his second try. Martin Loveridge’s precise conversion elevated the score to Buffaloes 16 – 0.

The twentieth minute witnessed a swift riposte from the Buffaloes right from the kick-off. Martin Loveridge spotted Eliah Chitiyo, a fresh addition to the team, positioned out wide on the right wing. A sweeping pass, bypassing two defenders, reached Chitiyo, who set off like an Olympic gold medal sprinter. Fifty meters later, he coasted to the try line, showcasing his speed and finesse as he celebrated his inaugural club try. Martin Loveridge’s conversion took the tally to Buffaloes 22 – 0.

A mere two minutes later, another newcomer, Steve Anderson (now known as the Viking), hailing from West Leeds RU, came into the spotlight. Unlike Eliah, his sheer strength and power allowed him to bulldoze through the attempted Westgate tackles, securing his debut club try. Martin Loveridge’s successful conversion widened the gap to Buffaloes 28 – 0.

In the 26th minute, Martin Loveridge etched his name onto the score sheet by intercepting the ball on his 20-meter line. Defying expectations of a pass to Eliah, Loveridge opted to slice through Westgate’s defence, notching his first try of the match, which he promptly converted. The scoreboard now read Buffaloes 34 – 0.
As the thirty-second minute ticked by, Martin Loveridge went in for his second try of the afternoon in trademark fashion, executing a mesmerising try from 25 meters out. His deft footwork left the Westgate defenders rooted to the ground as he strode over the line. With another successful conversion, the Buffaloes surged to an impressive 40 – 0 lead.

Half time: Westgate 0 – Buffaloes 40.

The second half commenced with an unconventional try for Westgate, a comical affair. A high cross-field kick ventured towards the corner, leading to a sequence of airborne and ground-level knock-ons. However, to the amusement of the Westgate players, the referee seemed to overlook these instances and awarded them a try. The scoreboard then read Buffaloes 40 – 4.

This peculiar turn of events served as fuel for Dan Booth’s fire, igniting his charge in the 50th minute. Despite enduring a jarring head-high tackle that connected with his forehead, Booth exhibited remarkable resilience. He stumbled but regained his footing and then surged an additional 20 meters to secure his hat trick try, earning the Buffaloes a noteworthy ‘penalty’ try. Martin Loveridge stepped up, converting the try and successfully slotting over the penalty kick. The score now stood at Buffaloes 48 – 4.

In the 55th minute, Westgate capitalised on an opportunity to secure their second try. Although there might have been a hint of interference with Bramley’s defence during the kick towards the corner flag, the referee upheld the decision of a fairly contested kick. Score: Buffaloes 48 – 10.

Three minutes later, the Buffaloes were back on form as Bailey Harmon, who provided consistent support throughout the game, notched his second try. Martin Loveridge’s conversion attempt from the touchline narrowly missed, bringing the score to Buffaloes 52 – 10.

The 65th minute bore witness to yet another Buffaloes try, this time attributed to Lewis Johnson, who capitalised on a powerful run with adept support play. Martin Loveridge’s reliable boot converted the try, extending the lead to Buffaloes 58 – 10.

Two minutes later, in the 67th minute, Martin Loveridge weaved his magic once again, baffling the Westgate defence and securing his hat trick try. Loveridge’s successful conversion further bolstered the Buffaloes’ advantage to Buffaloes 64 – 10.

The 70th minute heralded the Buffaloes’ 70-point milestone (making it their highest-scoring game this season). Swift winger Eliah showcased his speed, outpacing the Westgate defence to seal yet another try. Kacper Mroz conversion brought the score to Buffaloes 70 – 10.

As the game neared its conclusion, the hosts managed to secure two final tries, with one carrying a hint of controversy. Nevertheless, the Buffaloes had effectively clinched a resounding victory. The newcomers, Eliah and Steve, delivered commendable performances, strengthened by the determined efforts of Dan Booth, who celebrated an impressive hat trick. However, the spotlight for the day belonged to Martin Loveridge, who achieved his hat trick of tries, accompanied by a total of 12 goals (nine conversions and a penalty), amassing an astounding 32 points.

Just three games to go, and possibly some silverware beckons at the season’s end. Unfortunately, as you read this at the next home game against York St John Barbarians, your reporters find themselves at Wembley and Portugal, respectively.

Apologies if the atmosphere seems muted, Martyn – though a resounding, ‘You’ve just been Buffaloed’ will eventually reach you from afar.

Full-time Westgate 18 – Buffaloes 70

Westgate: 1) Michael Joy, 2) Kyle Field, 3) Jamie Bell, 4) Stuart Moran, 5) Luke Green, 6) Paul Flynn, 7) Sam Robinson, 8) Simon Roberts, 9) Tyler Hepworth, 10) Damion Haldenby, 11) Brad Lowden, 12) Liam Green, 13) William Bubb, Subs (All Used); 14) Joshua O’Leary, 15) Dale Reynolds, 16) Cameron Salih, 17) Aiden Barlow, 18) Lieuk Womack, 19) Anthony Baker

Buffaloes:1) Jamie Donnelly, 2) Samuel Marshall, 3) Daniel Booth, 4) Kieran Hudson, 5) Eliah Chitiyo, 6) Martin Loveridge, 7) Kacper Mroz, 8) Jacob Oldroyd, 9) Jack Boot, 10) Cameron McLachlan, 11) Thomas Langton, 12) Bailey Harman, 13) Bryn Perrott, Subs (All Used); 14) Ethan McFarlane, 15) Ben Wilkinson, 16) Lewis Johnson, 17) Dylan Murphy, 18) Billy Butterworth, 19) Harley Wilson, 20) Steven Anderson

Tries: Harman (8, 58), Booth (12, 18, 50), Chitiyo (20, 68), Anderson (22), Loveridge (26, 32, 70), Johnson (65)
Goals: Loveridge x 10, Mroz x 1


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
3 3
5 2
6 3 10
7 1
12 2


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
17 1
19 1