Division 3

13/04/2024, 14:00

Bramley Buffaloes


New Earswick All Blacks ‘A’

Match Report

Buffaloes secure home win in opening YML Division 3 fixture against New Earswick All Blacks

Andy & Devon Johnson

It hardly seems possible that it was six months since our last home game when the Buffaloes were heading towards securing the Division 5 title. This season, we have moved up two divisions, and our first game saw us facing off against our old rivals from our Premier division days, New Earswick. 

The Buffaloes lined the field with familiar faces, albeit with some notable absences. Among those missing were our West Leeds RU players, occupied with end-of-season cup duties, and a handful of Buffaloes serving out suspensions.

In the early exchanges, the atmosphere crackled with the energy of a fresh season, with players eager to shake off the offseason rust. But it was clear from the outset that this match wouldn’t be a smooth sail. The new regulations on the shoulder and below tackles were enforced with zealous precision by a referee who seemed determined to be noticed and obeyed. Penalties were awarded left, right, and centre for the first 20 minutes, leaving even this humble reporter in the crosshairs of the whistle-blower’s anger, a harmless comment earning a stern rebuke amidst the flurry of penalties, which, at that point, favoured the visitors by a glaring 6-1 margin.

The game finally came to life after New Earswick found themselves encamped in the Buffaloes defensive third yet failed to capitalise despite the skewed penalty count in their favour. It wasn’t until the 25th minute that the Buffaloes launched their first meaningful foray into the visitor’s territory. A swift manoeuvre saw the ball work its way out to the right-wing, surprisingly picked up by Tom Langton, who claimed the game’s first points. Connor McGill couldn’t add the extras, missing the conversion, leaving the score at Buffaloes 4 – 0.

Lifted by the score, the Buffaloes surged forward, appearing poised for a second try in the 35th minute following a spectacular cross-field move finished off by flying wingman Jamie Donnelly. However, the referee’s keen eye detected a forward pass, nullifying the effort and maintaining the halftime scoreline at Buffaloes 4 – 0 New Earswick.

Half-time score: Buffaloes 4 – 0 New Earswick.

The Buffaloes kicked off the second half with a bang as Cameron Mclachlan, a constant thorn in New Earswick’s side, bulldozed through after a powerful run to notch up a try beside the posts. Connor McGill neatly converted this. With the scoreline reading Buffaloes 10 – 0 on the 46th-minute mark, the home side was now firmly in control.

In the 56th minute, the Buffaloes showcased their speed and skill with a sensational long-range try. This time, the forwards did the grunt work, paving the way for the ball to be swiftly moved to the left wing. Seizing the opportunity, Keiran McFarlane left the opposition trailing in his wake as he sprinted in for an impressive try. Though the conversion attempt was missed, the Buffaloes extended their lead to a commanding 14 – 0.

As the clock wound down, the Buffaloes remained firmly in the driver’s seat, with Jack Boot coming agonisingly close to adding to their tally after a trademark surge from close range. 

Overall, the Buffaloes’ performance was dominant, highlighted by their stout defence, which kept New Earswick at bay throughout. 

With promising reinforcements from West Leeds and the return of banned players on the horizon, the future looks bright for the Buffaloes as they prepare for the season ahead. 

Full-time score: Buffaloes 14 – 0 New Earswick.

Buffaloes: 1) Keiran Foster-Mathews, 2) Jamie Donnelly, 3) Lewis Gaunt, 4) Kasper Mroz, 5) Colin Cobley, 6) Connor McGill, 7) Keiran McFarlane, 8) Jacob Oldroyd, 9) Jack Boot, 10) Brad Wilson, 11) Tom Langton, 12) Bailey Harmon, 13) Cameron McLachlan, Subs (All Used); 14) Cameron O’Connor, 15) Billy Butterworth, 16) Ethan McFarlane, 17) Ben Wilkinson. 

Try scorers: Langton (25), McLachlan (46), McFarlane (55). 

Goal scorers: McGill (46) 

Man of the Match: Cameron McLachlan


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards
2 1
6 1
7 1
9 1


Name TR CON PEN DG Cards